Simplify Life

I have been a counselor for a long time now, working as a counselor I have met many people, who were dealing with various situations & problems in their lives.
The process of counselling helped me to realize that life is really simple but we people make it really complicated unknowingly.
This very realization has become the basis of existence of this blog. I will be sharing my experiences , knowledge & recommendations in the form of short stories & articles.
The sole aim of this blog is to share my experiences with everyone of you to help us all realize how we can simplify our lives.
( All the written content on this blog, stories, articles etc. are strictly bond by the ethics & rules of counselling process. This content is work of creativity and fiction based on the experiences & knowledge of counsellor. Names written or used for stories & articles are totally fictional. No personal information or emotional things of clients is disclosed in this blog . Any similarities in names or situations shall be considered as pure coincidence.)

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Manjusha Deshpande

I am certified and trained family counselor with post graduate degree in psychology ( M.A.) from Pune University. I have done specialization in Matrimonial Counseling and also REBT Therapist. 'Simplify Life' is my Counseling center under which services like Psychological testing and career guidance, child & adolescent counselling, Marital-premarital counselling, Geriatric Counselling, Stress- Anger- Fear Management are included. I am also certified life skill trainer. I take workshops on study skills, Sex Education, Anti addiction, Abuse, HIV-AIDS etc. I am founder member of non-profitable and non government organization (NGO) LEAF ( Life Empowerment & Awareness Foundation ). Through this we help economically backward children, women and families. My hobbies are writing, reading and music.

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